Pocos saberes de corazón pueden transformar la vida…Entender que el ego nos hace creer más o menos, mejores o peores, cuando en realidad, cada quien va en su propia experiencia, a su ritmo y con luz propia…Que al igual que los otros conocen muy poco de tí, sabes muy poco de los otros  como para entrar a suponer o juzgar…Que se percibe en el exterior lo que se tiene en el interior: aquello que te molesta es lo que necesitas aceptar en tí, aquello que te gusta, refleja tu propio potencial. Que la mente todo lo crea…Que el silencio y la escucha aminorizan el ritmo y abren las puertas de la sabiduría…Que en el presente es donde reside la vida…Que no hay afán a dónde ir: Estás en casa!…Que el Amor Incondicional o su más parecido, la Gratitud, todo lo armonizan…

…¿Cuáles son tus saberes?

Del libro “Así habla Quetzalcoatl”

Masaje Holístico con Obsidiana

El Masaje con piedras calientes de Obsidiana es un masaje de cuerpo completo en el que se utilizan alrededor de 40 piedras. Entre sus propiedades están las siguientes: equilibra cuerpo-mente-emociones, depura el organismo, disuelve bloqueos emocionales, drena el sistema linfático, fortalece el sistema inmune, abre memoria del cuerpo permitiendo que emerjan los contenidos del inconsciente, equilibra el PH, armoniza los 14 canales energéticos y equilibra la energía de los 7 chakras principales. 

El masaje dura aproximadamente 2 horas y media y está altamente recomendado a personas que soportan mucho estrés, terapeutas y personal de salud, así como toda persona que desee depurar el cuerpo, la mente y las emociones y conectarse con su Ser.

Utilizamos aceites esenciales junto con Flores de Bach, creando una fórmula personalizada según las necesidades de cada persona, para que el trabajos sea más profundo y sanador. 

Terapeuta: Arturo Levi Lavista. Psicólogo, Masoterapeuta, Acupunturista, Medicina Natural.

Co-Terapeuta: Marta González. Psicóloga, Terapeuta Corporal.

Contacto: marta@mariposadeobsidiana.com

Psicoterapia para la mujer


En el proceso terapéutico enfocado a la mujer, trabajamos desde el cuerpo-mente-emociones para tomar conciencia de cómo se ha ido construyendo nuestra identidad como mujeres pertenecientes a una familia, a una sociedad y una cultura determinadas. Encontrando y sanando huellas y memorias inscritas en nuestro cuerpo para contactar con nuestras necesidades reales, para dejar de representar roles y estereotipos que nos perjudican, para encontrar la propia expresión, para que nuestra autoestima sea la consecuencia del cuidado, el amor y la aceptación de una misma y para ser una mujer que crea su propia vida.

A través de la Psicoterapia para la Mujer, tenemos la posibilidad de mirarnos, reconstruir la relación con nosotras mismas y de vernos en el espejo de las demás. De esta forma, podremos crear relaciones basadas en la “sororidad”, es decir, en la hermandad entre mujeres.

Las herramientas con las que trabajo son las técnicas y el método Psicoterapéutico, la Danza Movimiento Terapia y el Movimiento Auténtico, la Medicina Tradicional China, las Flores de Bach y la Obsidiana.

Estas sesiones son de carácter individual, aproximadamente de 1 hora de duración.



Obsidian Egg



Obsidian Egg is a therapeutic tool for women who want to heal, transform and rebuild their femininity.

  • What’s the obsidian?

The obsidian is volcanic (hot) lava which condense and cristalize itself when it reaches the surface (cold). It, literally, comes from the heart of the Earth and helps us to undertake the “journey back home”, to the ground, to our bodies. The obsidian works mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and espiritually.

The use of the obsidian egg to strengthen the vagina is a practice developed in ancient China. The ones who used to dominate this technique also possessed good health, remained young and splendid and their sexual organs were preserved strong and with tone through the years. In “Curative love through the Tao. Taoist techniques to increase the feminin sexual energie”, Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia say regarding the egg selection:

“We looked and experimented with different materials and we found that the eggs made of  the volcanic rock called obsidian have the properties we’re looking for: the yang power of a vulcano which originates from the yin power of the center of the earth. These characteristics attract and concentrate the yin esence of  women”

If you’re interested in practicing exercises with the egg, you can find them in this book.

  •  How is it used?

From our vision, we use the egg during the night while we sleep, as it is a lunar Stone. It is introduced through the external orifice of the vagina and we contract so that it goes through the vaginal canal up to the cérvix. When we contract the vagina, we are contracting the pubococcigeo muscle (PM) (muscle of love), which is part  of a group of muscles that surround the anus, the vagina, the urethra and support the reproductive organs. If this muscle has low tone, then can exist sexual difficulties, problems during birth or urinary incontinence. You can know the tone of this muscle by interrupting your urine flow. The obsidian egg helps us to exercise the PM, which provides us better sexual health and enjoyment, as well as to our partner.

We sleep with the egg the whole night, then in the morning we push slightly and it should come out. We should place our hand near to receive the egg and avoid it from falling. We rinse it with tap wáter and keep it until the following night. If it doesn’t como ut, then it is working with something, we continue with our regular life. It doesn’t hurt, annoy nor it comes out by itself.

  • How is it cleaned?

Before starting to use the egg, it is very important to have a clear intention for it in order to be opened and willing to work with whatever it may arise. So, ¿why and what do I use it for?

Physically, we wash the egg with neutral soap before use and energetically, by exposing it during one night under the moonlight in a glass of wáter with some sea salt. It is much better during new moon. We can also charge it with lunar energy exposing it under the full moon without water.

We do the cleansing before using it the first time and during the resting week. The obsidian has antiviral and antibacterian properties, so it is not necessary to disinfect it.

  •  Selecting the egg

There are several sizes, choose the one that fits best for you. The most important is to make sure that it is made of mexican obsidian, by craftsmen and that it’s correctly polished, without any mark or perforation, as these things could let dirt or bacterias in.

  • Time of use

One suggestion is to use it for three weeks and then rest during the menstruation week. The shortest treatment lasts 3 months and then it is recomended to rest for one month. This process can be repeated until we complete 9 months which is the whole treatment. After this whole process it is necessary to rest for 3 months.

There’s no specific suggestion for women who don’t menstruate. They can either follow the same process or their own instinct.

  • When is it used?

It’s use is recomended after any gynaecological illness or block, such as cysts, myomas, papiloma virus, irregular or painful menstruations, and so on, as well as in creative processess to conect ourselves with womanliness and the truth essence of being a woman. SO it is recomended for every adult woman who wants to start a cleansing process, inner knowledge and personal develpment.

  • Properties and benefits

The obsidian regulates bodie’s PH, moves the internal water, balances the chakras and the acupuncture channels (especially du and ren), and opens corporal memory. That is why when we use the egg, we start a process of personal work cleaning memories inside our bodies, specially sexual and identity memories. The first days or weeks, our emotions, dreams and cognitive processess are intensified, as the obsidian acts as a mirror, it shows us where we are obstructed and gives us the opportunity to solve and move forward from of whatever there is that orevents us from being and growing. It is recomended to have psycollogical accompaniment during this process, especially if there are intense or hard to heal experiences in our personal history. The obsidian egg helps us to prevent gyneacological diseases,  that’s why it is a preventive tool for life.

  • When is it not used?

We don’t use while bleeding, pregnant or breast-feeding, if we have any mental illness or have been recently operated (in this case, wait three months before its use). It is highly recomended to be sensitive to our sexual needs while using the egg, we may experience changes in our libido. To listen and respect ourselves is the best choice. Either way, it is better not to have sexual intercourse right before introducing the egg, we should wait at least 3 or 4 hours, as both activities bring too much blood tissue to the zone.

  • The menstrual cicle

“Our cicle is like a plant’s. There is an specific time to plant the seeds, another to grow and develop the branches, then the new seeds are released and it’s time to come back to our roots” (Annie Shaw)

In her book “Red Moon”, Miranda Gray talks about the 4 phases of the cicle and the psychism associated to them.

In her book “Woman’s body, woman’s wisdom”, Dr. Northrup talks about 2 phases.

This shows us our cyclic nature and the influence of the moon, not only to tides, but in our bodies’ fluids too, as well as to the unconsciousness and the dreams. When we are connected to thhis nature, our menstrual cicles are regular adn they are a creativity, intuition, espirituality and inner growth source. Our blood represents the archetypal feminin, it is a possibility to connect ourselves to the earth, to fertility as metaphore. The use of t he menstrual cup, lets us materialize this feminin wisdom by the connection to our own blood and gives us the chance to give it back to the earth to complete the cicle and show our greatfulness leading us to a good relationship with our menstruation and our woman being.

The manstrual pains (dismenorrea), irregular menstruations, excesively abundant menstruations (menorragia), lack of menstruation (amenorrea) and any menstrual abnormality seem to be related to negative feelings and contradictory messages internalized regarding the fact of being a woman, which shows the connection among our psyque, emotions and body.

  • Anatomy for psyco-corporal health

Every gynaecological disorder is complex as they are constituted by the influence of emotions, thoughts, feeding and each one’s personal history. That is why extending the look for its treatment implies to work on every aspect of our being and undo step by step the memory that formed them, without guilt but from the possibility of growth, as symptoms are the way that our body has to call the attention about aspects of our life that need to be seen.

Knowing more about anatomy and disorders related to each part of our reproductive system, lets us prevent and have healthier actions towards our body. Here we are going to mention some disorders in which we recommend the use of the obsidian egg to restore the energy / flow and health.


It is placed in the lower middle of the pelvis, it is connected to the vagina by the uterine neck and to the bladdre’s posterior part. From its upper part, come out the fallopian tubes under which the ovaries are located.

Besides its reproductive function, the uterus participate in the hormonal regulation, reason why its removal is not suggested unless it is abolutely necessary.  The number of histerectomies each year are done is growing alarmingly. This shows the underestimation of this organ among society. The uterus is the metaphorical space of our creative capacity in life, at any level.

–  Endometriosis: it’s a disorder in which the tissue that covers the uterus is developed in other zones of the pelvis. It is usually accompanied by pelvian pain, abnormal mesntrual cycles and it is sometimes cause of infertility.  It is related with controversy and competition between emotional women’s needs and her functioning in the exterior world.

Miofibroids: uterus’ benign tumors. Most of women who have them, show no symptom, but others have abundant menstruations which cause anemia and weariness. Some times, they can press another organ producing uncomfortable symptoms. Some authors relate them with conflict in creativity and with the bad use of vital energy in jobs, relationships, etc.


Our vital energy (chi or gi), from the view of Chinese Traditional Medicine, lodges in the kidneys. It comes from mom and dad (inheritated) and from our food and elements (acquired). When the kidney’s gi is over, life ends.

Men lose this vital energy through ejaculation, and women through menstruation. A woman who menstruates from 12 to 50 years will have approximately from 300 to 500 menstrual periods during her life.

Each month, ovaries produce an ovum, which is a highly refined creative energy. Within the taoist techniques to enrich feminin’s sexual energy, is the “ovaric breath” which takes the energy released by the ovaries and store it to revitalize other organs of the body, reaching a higher conscience state. This way, ovaric sexual energy turns into gi, vital energy.

–  Polycystic ovaries: many women have this disorder, which signals a bad hormonal functioning. It is related with an excess of corporal fat. The ovaries don’t produce ovums and the body produces too much androgens. In consecuence, either there is no menstruation or the menstruations are very irregular. Women who don’t  ovulate usually feel tense and nervous. To suppress menstruations can by an unconscious mechanism not to become a woman, possibly because it is perceived as dangerous or loaded with negative feelings.



Are the most external places at the entrance of the genital feminin apparatus. The vulva includes the major and minor lips. The vagina is a conduct towards the uterine neck. It is an intímate space, related with healthy limits.

Human papilomavirus: this virus can cause venereal warts and it’s related with uterine neck’s cáncer. A low immunity system is related with abnormal cytological tests, which leads to an easy infection with this virus. There are many available treatments butthe best option is prevention, keeping our immunity system strong provinding good food, thoughts and a high dosis of selfsteem.

–       Vaginal infection: the vaginal flow varies depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. If vagina’s PH is unbalanced, several bacterias can colonize it. For example, Gardnerella and fungus normally inhabitate the vagina, but when something is unbalanced they produce an infection. Symptoms can be: itch, burning and change or increase of vaginal flow. We can prevent infections avoinding chemicals that irrítate contained in toilet paper, tampons, disposable towels with deodorants as well as vaginal deodorants. Antibiotics alter the natural balance of the vaginal flora, just as dairy products, sugar and emotional stress alter intestinal flora. We suggest the use of menstrual cup, as well as raw food to provide the body with enough oxygen. Also, healthy habits to keep the body balanced.

If you want to know more about physical and emotional feminin health, check out Dr. Northrup’s book, previously mentioned, from which this information was taken.

  • Body’s memory

Everything the body experiences stay registered in it. Our sexual organs keep the memory of every sexual intercourse we’ve had, of the experience of being a woman, the information about menstruation, of our beleifs, our identity, of the history transmitted from our mother and grandmothers. What have I learned about being a woman? How do I experience being a woman?

Recalling Dr. Northrup: “ The Judeo-Christian way to see the world that inspires occidental civilization, considers both feminin body and sexuality, represented by Eve, responsables of humanity’s fall. For thousands of years, women have been beaten, mistreated, raped, burned at the stake and blamed for all kind of bad things just for the single fact of being a woman”

There’s a lot of memory to clean up. There are ways to “move” this anchored memory of the body and the colective unconsciousness. We beleive that the use of the egg is one of them. The only way of undo a tabu, a wrong belief and to beat the ignorance that produces suffering is to be conscious, to watch ourselves without judgement and to be honest with ourselves becoming responsable of our bodies and our lifes.



  •  Egg’s binnacle

We suggest you to register you rexperience with the obsidian egg. Some aspects you can register are:

–          Physical symptoms (troubles, pains, cold, heat, relaxation, inflexibility,…)

–         Emotional condition (sadness, anger, hapiness, fears, anxiety,…)

–         Thoughts (recurrent issues, fixed ideas, lack of concentration,…)

–         Dreams (symbols, nightmares,…)

–         Relations (issues arising with mom, dad, family, women ….).

–          Sexuality (sexual desire, …)

–          Personal issues with ourselves or with others that need to be worked out.

–         Feeding (are you nourishing yourself or filling voids with some flavor…)

–          Needs, desires, …

We’ve found that there is a big taboo regarding the use of the obsidian egg because it’s a very strong rock, but we are strong too. Everything you can feel is in your body’s memory and with that you live everyday. Sometimes we walk through life carrying weights which don’t belong to us or looking somewhere else instead of looking at our own life. The work with the egg is another tool, a possibility to open those zones of our body which are locked, to heat the cold, to fix the disorder, top ut flowers to our inner altar and recognizing ourselves sacred as earth.

For more information about therapies and workshops write me at: marta@mariposadeobsidiana.com

I wish you a nice journey inside yourself.

Marta González González